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Energy-saving Induction Cooker [Introduction To Induction Sanitary Ware] The Principle Of Induction

   2022-01-25 webjack1440
First, the benefits of induction sanitary ware Second, the working principle of induction sanitary ware The control principle of induction sanitary ware is the same, mainly through infrared induction and pulse solenoid valve to intelligently control the m

[Introduction to induction sanitary ware] The principle of induction sanitary ware The benefits of induction sanitary ware How to choose induction sanitary ware

First, the benefits of induction sanitary ware

1) Water saving

The switch of the manual faucet is often forgotten to be turned off. The sensor faucet flushes when someone senses it, and does not flush when no one senses it, which will reduce unnecessary waste. A good induction sanitizer has 1 minute timeout protection, and the water saving effect is more than 70%.

2) Improve hygiene

Cross-contamination often occurs in public places or where there are many different users. The induction sanitary ware flushing is automatically completed by the sensor, without manual operation, and the flushing is thorough and does not leave peculiar smell, which can effectively avoid bacterial cross-infection and ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.

3) Prevent the damage of the faucet caused by the improper operation of the knob, and save the cost of use.

4) Adapt to all kinds of people

Infrared induction faucets and various induction sanitary ware do not need to be turned by hand or pressed by fingers, and can be used by any age or disabled. Its simple activities (automatic without manual operation) make everyone feel more comfortable in use.

5) Automatic adjustment

The induction faucet is controlled by a microcomputer, and the induction range is automatically adjusted according to the working environment. Energy-saving induction cooker does not require manual debugging.

6) Easy installation

Thanks to improvements in infrared sensing technology and the option to use batteries, the average person can install a sensor faucet without the help of a professional technician.

Second, the working principle of induction sanitary ware

Infrared sensor sanitary ware

This is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand or a certain part of the body is in the infrared region, the infrared light emitted by the infrared transmitting tube is reflected to the infrared receiving tube due to the blocking of the human hand or body, and processed by the microcomputer in the integrated circuit. The signal is sent to the pulse solenoid valve. After the solenoid valve receives the signal, it opens the spool according to the specified command to control the water from the head; when the human hand or body leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool passes through the internal spring. Perform a reset to control the water shutoff.

Capacitive sensing sanitary ware

This product is a capacitive sensing sanitary ware, which has a relatively high level of technology by sensing the trace charges carried by the human body itself.

Microwave induction sanitary ware

This kind of work is to detect flowing water, and make the water discharge instruction through the difference of the water flow waveform on the surface of the object. It is mainly used in boys' toilets. It is only flushed when it is really used, which effectively saves water.

Induction sanitary ware classification difference

The difference between sensor urinals, sensor faucets, sensor toilets, and sensor showers is mainly the product structure, appearance, place of use, and design instructions such as flushing methods and flushing time. The control principle is the same, mainly through infrared induction and pulse solenoid valve to intelligently control the machine. There are some new types of induction products, and it is believed that the development of science and technology will also keep pace with the times.

3. How to choose induction sanitary ware

(1) Induction faucet purchase skills

1. Appearance: The faucet body is made of all-copper casting, and the surface must be smooth. The coating of regular products has specific process requirements, and has passed the salt spray test. The surface must be free of burrs, pores, and oxidation spots to prevent the purchase of zinc alloy faucets.

2. Induction module and valve body: The induction circuit is an integrated circuit board energy-saving induction cooker , and the induction distance can be adjusted intelligently; the service life of the solenoid valve must be more than 300,000 times.

3. After-sales service: there is after-sales guarantee and the ability to solve problems in time.

4. Brand: It is recommended not to choose the induction faucet of the same brand as the sanitary ware. Because the main business of sanitary ware manufacturers is sanitary ware, faucets, and pendants, etc., they do not have the production qualification of induction faucets, so more than 95% of domestic sanitary ware manufacturers Or the leading manufacturers use other induction sanitary ware manufacturers for processing, which is not very reasonable in terms of price and service, especially the follow-up service cost is high and the service ability is poor. Top ten brands of induction sanitary ware>>

5. Details: The product has a regular brand and packaging. The internal line plug must be a waterproof plug, with a reasonable design and easy maintenance.

6. Qualifications: Manufacturers with quality inspection by authoritative institutions, certain production capacity, development scale, professionalism and engineering cases.

7. Maintenance: Use a soft dry cotton cloth to clean the faucet body; if the faucet body is loose, fasten the sensor faucet tightly in time; clean the filter regularly.

(2) Induction urinal purchase skills

1. Intelligent experience: The induction urinal adopts advanced infrared induction technology. When purchasing, you can sprinkle some water in the product to see if it is flushed immediately. People leave for 15 seconds to stop rinsing and remain on standby.

2. Specifications purchase: the distance from the center of the urinal with the flush valve to the completed wall should not be less than 60mm, the thickness of any part of the body should not be less than 6mm water seal depth, and all water seals with integral water trap sanitary ceramics The depth shall not be less than 50mm.

3. Whether it is easy to clean: carefully observe the surface, see if it is flooded under the light, and then touch the surface with your hand, it should be clean, smooth, and crystal clear; there are no obvious pinholes, lack of glaze and cracks; tap the surface, the sound is crisp and pleasant , No cracking sound, no shape deformation, etc.

4. On-site water test: When purchasing, you can test the water on site to see the flushing speed and cleanliness.

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