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Which Is The Best Wireless Projection Electronic Pointer And How To Use The Laser Pointer Pen

   2022-01-25 webjack2130
Electronic pointers such as laser pointers are the most common products on the market, and are also used by teachers the most. 3. The electronic pointer with the conventional functions of the multi-function electronic pointer can generally realize the fun

2. Laser pointer

Electronic pointers such as laser pointers are the most common products on the market, and are also used by teachers the most. There are almost no brands of such products on the market, the function is very simple wireless projection , only a laser function, generally beautiful appearance, the price is relatively cheap. The main feature lies in its laser pointer function, which is light and portable, with good light concentration, and the illumination can reach as far as 150 meters.

3. Multifunctional electronic pointer

The multi-functional electronic pointer often has a receiving device and a remote control device. The receiving device must be installed on the computer, which is almost always realized through the USB port; the other half of the remote control device is generally connected to the receiving device through Bluetooth, infrared, or radio frequency technology. Cooperate with remote control. According to the characteristics of the product, there are probably two types, one is conventional functional type, and the other is special effect multi-functional type. The electronic pointer with conventional functions can generally realize the functions of page up and down and laser pointer of the demonstration courseware. Electronic pointers with special effects and multi-functions are relatively rare in the market, and are mostly used by professionals.

How to use a laser pointer pen

1. Plug in the receiver for wireless projection first , generally plug and play, no driver required.

2. Put the 5th or 7th battery in the page turning pen.

3. Turn on the page-turning pen, wait a few seconds and connect it to the computer, then open the PPT courseware to be taught, and debug it.

4. After the debugging is successful, the page turning function can be realized.

Electronic laser pointer in the form of a pen

1. Mainly turn pages and play

This kind of pointer appeared earlier, mainly to realize the page turning and playback functions in the course playback, so that the instructor can move freely, no longer subject to the mouse, and more active. It is the initial innovation of modern multimedia teaching.

2. Mouse pen form

A new type of teaching and speech tool that has appeared in recent years, represented by PC-PEN, has both the functions of a mouse and a stylus. The speaker can remotely control the playback within a range of 10 to 15 meters, and write and mark anywhere. , it is convenient to interact with the audience, and the writing function is added on the basis of the early electronic pointer, and it does not need a special writing board. It is convenient to carry and simple to use, which promotes the further popularization and optimization of multimedia teaching.

Performance advantages

1. Built-in laser pointer and related remote control function buttons. Pressing the page up and down buttons is equivalent to pressing the Pageup and keys of a computer keyboard.

2. RF wireless connection technology, no need to align the transmitter with the receiver when using it.

3. USB interface, plug and play, functional and practical, easy to operate and easy to use.

4. The transmitter adopts ergonomic design and is suitable for long-term use; the receiver is beautiful and compact, saving space.

5. The product adopts the most advanced RF radio frequency design, micro-power transmission, no damage to the human body, green, healthy, environmental protection and energy saving.

Product advantages

1. When the user speaks to the key or important content, he no longer needs to personally walk to the projection screen and "contact with it at zero distance" with his hands.

2. Completely remove the inconvenience of traditional mouse manual operation and the limitations of speech brought to users, and solve the constraints that users cannot leave the podium to speak.

3. It can adapt to the current needs of multimedia speech presentations, maximize the speech effect of users, and improve the use level and work efficiency of users' modern information speech tools.

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