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What Is The Price Of Campus Direct Drinking Fountains?

   2022-01-25 webjack2300
Direct drinking fountains, I believe everyone will see it on campus. So what is the price of campus direct drinking fountains? The purpose and function of campus drinking fountains Yes, because the convenience brought by this water dispenser is very great

Direct drinking fountains, I believe everyone will see it on campus. Some schools have dormitories, but some schools will have them only after a rebound or teaching building. The campus direct water dispenser is helpful for teachers, students or employees such as school canteens, and it brings convenience. Imagine that a direct water dispenser is installed in the teaching building, so that teachers and students don't have to worry about going to a nearby store to buy it. This is a kind of convenience. So what is the price of the campus drinking water machine? Is it expensive?

The purpose and function of the campus drinking fountain

Compared with bottled water, the pure water produced by the campus direct drinking water system is fresher, more hygienic and safer. It has a wide range of uses: it can be drunk raw or boiled. The most prominent feature in this regard is the kettle or electric kettle. The thermos bottle will no longer be scaled; pure water is used for cooking, which is more hygienic and more delicious; bathing with pure water can remove impurities on the skin, moisturize the skin, and have a natural beauty effect; it can be provided to humidifiers, steam The household direct drinking water dispenser for small appliances such as irons and beauty instruments will never appear annoying white powder; when used in conjunction with the ice maker, the ice cubes made are crystal clear and free of any peculiar smell.

What types of campus direct drinking fountains are there: standard type, pure water dispenser

(1) The standard direct drinking machine uses six unique modes of high-performance purification materials to purify and sterilize the whole process, and finally activate the water source. The unique composite material forms a large-capacity twelve-stage purification process to remove various pollutants in the water body, fully meeting the standards of healthy drinking water. Using tap water as the water source for purification and activation, so as to achieve the standard of direct drinking water.

(2) The direct drinking machine can be called a pure water machine. The pure water machine introduces the advanced ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis technology and accessories from the United States to produce the most advanced domestic and group pure water device in China. The water produced by this device is of high quality and safety. The operation is stable and reliable, the operation is simple, the floor area is small, and the most effective removal of calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, metal ions and radioactive substances in water, the crystal clear and sweet glycol purified by the device. The device is suitable for drinking water in households, hotels, hotels, hospitals and other enterprises and institutions.

Prices of direct drinking fountains on campus

Pure water machines are relatively expensive, at least 500 yuan, and more expensive, mainly depending on the brand. Generally, the price of a good brand is unconventional and expensive.

The price of standard direct drinking fountains is about 200-500 yuan, which is still relatively cheap. Compared with water fountains with few functions, the price is still relatively cheap.

The price of the campus drinking fountain is generally acceptable, because the convenience brought by this drinking fountain is very great, especially in the campus. However, this kind of water dispenser should pay attention to safety, take protective measures, and put up slogans such as safe use, be careful of scalding, etc. The campus direct water dispenser is not only used in the campus, but also used in the factory. And how about the direct drink machine in the factory, please listen to the editor's next decomposition.

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