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Let Love Move Forward, Lechao Leads Public Welfare Undertakings, And Shoulders The Social Responsibi

   2022-01-25 webjack1030
Lechao Home has participated in public welfare actions for many years and has successfully integrated into its corporate culture. From each employee to the entire enterprise, they spontaneously fulfill their responsibilities and repay the society with pra

On October 31, the 8th Urban Public Welfare Walking Activity "I Walk, You Help Your Children Go to School" initiated by the Love on the Road Charity Organization came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. A total of more than 600 employees from many companies or public welfare groups in Shanghai formed a walking team, starting from Andersen's Fairy Tale Paradise in Jiangwan Wetland, and hiking for 30 kilometers, with only one purpose to raise money for children in poor mountainous areas. help them go to school.

Lovhome, an overall customized O2O brand of curtains for the whole house, is a representative of the successful transformation of traditional retail enterprises Internet +. Before participating in this public welfare activity, they have participated in many public welfare activities. Sponsored by Zhenghe Island and China Welfare Foundation Golden Wings Fund, and organized by Lechao Home Furnishings, "A hug of love for loneliness"-caring activities for children with autism; loving support for Jingxin Book Fund, etc. extensive attention. As a home furnishing business, they pay special attention to children in need and bring them the warmth of home.

It is reported that this public welfare walking activity has been warmly responded by all members of Lechao Home from the day of registration. Lechao Home has participated in public welfare actions for many years and has successfully integrated into its corporate culture. From each employee to the entire enterprise, they spontaneously fulfill their responsibilities and repay the society with practical actions. At present, the funds for this walking activity are still being raised rapidly. Every Lechao person hopes to really help children in need through their own efforts, whether walking or donating.

Public welfare activities are the embodiment of enterprises taking the initiative to fulfill their social responsibilities, but corporate social responsibilities are not only reflected in public welfare activities. The concept of "corporate social responsibility" appeared in foreign countries relatively early. It was born with some well-known companies' donations to universities, churches and other non-profit organizations and the continuous improvement of corporate employee welfare. A win-win theoretical system.

The core concept of corporate social responsibility can be summarized as "company law-abiding and healthy operation, continuous improvement of employee happiness and customer satisfaction, benefiting more people within the scope of our ability, and shaping a more perfect society and era." Specific to the home furnishing industry, Taking social responsibility should be operating in compliance with regulations, providing better products and services, and creating a quality home life.

Cross-border integration to benefit users

12 years of style research and 12 years of mid-to-high-end market tests have created Lovhome's professionalism and strength. Today, Lovhome is an O2O brand of whole-house curtain customization that is deeply loved by consumers.

As a representative of a successful transformation from a traditional enterprise to Internet+, it has innovatively launched a new online & offline (O2O) curtain sales model, online order booking, offline on-site measurement and installation, plus free curtain cleaning and other services (you can pay attention to its V letter service platform experience), truly solve the pain points in the use of curtains from the user's point of view. Its curtain fabric products are also increasingly favored by the Internet aborigines born in the 1985s, bringing a trend of light luxury and new fashion to the domestic curtain market.

In order to better benefit every user, Lechao Home Furnishing has also united 14 domestic first-line home furnishing brands, such as Fangtai Kitchen Appliances, Dekor Flooring, Sophia Wardrobe, etc., to form the China Good Home Furnishing Alliance. In addition to the monthly one-stop promotional offers The event also created a good home brand integration offline experience store - Haofen's Home, where there is food and drink, interactive and fun, so that every user can experience the beauty of home life while purchasing products and smart home products . , as if at home.

At the same time, Lechao Home Furnishing also cooperated with the whole-house furniture O2O customization brand-Shangpin Zhaipei to create a one-stop whole-house furniture O2O customization platform for users. Cross-industry integration, channel innovation, to provide users with better products, but also to give them a better experience.

Smart home, improve the quality of life

In the Internet+ era, smart products are very popular, and residents' living standards have been greatly improved thanks to smart products. As a home furnishing enterprise, its products are closely related to the quality of residents' home life, and the development of smart home has naturally attracted a lot of attention. As a curtain fabric customization expert, Lechao Home Furnishings has invested heavily in the overall development of smart curtains and smart homes. It is believed that this achievement will definitely bring a new home experience and smart life to every user.

Products = quality smart home products , services = word of mouth, if you want to benefit users and truly fulfill your corporate social responsibilities, you must "focus on users". After 12 years of accumulation and tempering, Lechao Home Furnishing has become more and more mature in the combination of social responsibility and business. At the moment when the Internet + is prevalent, it is the way to develop that solidly practice internal skills, do a good job in products and services, and continue to innovate across borders. Facing the ten trillion level market in the future, the concept, culture and business model of Lechao Home Furnishing should be the way of sustainable development.

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