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Nicholas Tse, A Film And Television Company, Has A Value Of 600 Million In Eight Years, And PO Chaot

   2022-01-25 webjack1150
At present, Nicholas Tse is going to make his sister Xie Tingting the CEO of the branch, and the goal is to be listed on the Mainland GEM within the year. The "PO Chaoting Post-production Company" invested by Nicholas Tse was established in 2003

"I established the company PO Chaoting, and I hope that one day I hear that Hong Kong people can make movies from start to finish. The early, middle and late stages are all made by us in Hong Kong. This is my wish." Nicholas Tse at the Awards Ceremony Some of the comments above have inspired the hearts of many Hong Kong filmmakers.

With the addition of the best actor, and the "PO Chaoting Production Company" that has been running for 8 years, he has brought himself a net worth of 600 million. Nicholas Tse ushered in the peak of his career at the age of 31. Yesterday, the reporter learned that Nicholas Tse has bigger ambitions and plans to expand the scale of the company. In addition to the post-production part of film and television, he is also planning to open a brokerage company and set foot in film and television shooting. At present, Nicholas Tse is going to make his sister Xie Tingting the CEO of the branch, and the goal is to be listed on the Mainland GEM within the year.

Xie Tingting has a unique vision to hold newcomers

If it weren't for the speech at the Academy Awards, many people would not know Nicholas Tse's boss identity. The "PO Chaoting Post-production Company" invested by Nicholas Tse was established in 2003. After 8 years of development, it has done well. Just before this year's Academy Awards, "PO Chaoting Post Production Company" moved to a new location with great fanfare. The new company's address occupies a floor of more than 1,300 square meters in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay. From this moment on, Nicholas Tse's identity The label was officially updated to Business Rising Star and Chief Executive Officer. His assistant also announced to the media: Nicholas Tse will no longer do interviews with entertainment magazines. And his next goal is to promote the listing of "PO Chaoting".

Today's Nicholas Tse is conservatively estimated to have a net worth of 600 million for this year. With the actor behind him, Nicholas Tse has even greater ambitions. The reporter learned from the internal staff of "PO Chaoting" yesterday that after gaining a firm foothold in post-production, Boss Xie began to get involved in the brokerage. More recently, he let his sister Xie Tingting join the company's head brokerage.

It is understood that Xie Tingting, as the spokesperson of a certain brand, has been using the reality show held by the brand to select newcomers, and select newcomers for film and television dramas. The champion is expected to play the heroine of Tudou's self-made idol drama "Welcome to Love 2". Xie Tingting is more interested in signing players directly to her brother's company, because the draft can save her a lot of packaging and publicity costs. The reporter learned from people familiar with the matter that Xie Tingting has now taken a fancy to Li Na, a player known as "Little Xiao Yaxuan". She has appeared in many film and television dramas including "Love Apartment" before. In addition, Wang Chuanjun, a "good man" who has performed well recently, has also entered the eyes of Xie Tingting. These two are very likely to become the first batch of newcomers to be supported by "Xie Jiaban".

PO Chaoting's goal is to point to the GEM

Xie Tingting joined Nicholas Tse's PO Chaoting Company, and the outside world was curious as to why Cecilia Cheung, who was also interested in opening a brokerage company to support the newcomer, was not allowed to operate. It is understood that the reason why Nicholas Tse took a fancy to his younger sister stemmed from her unique vision. As early as 2006, Xie Tingting, who was only 19 years old, bought a stock film and television company worth tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars . Earn nearly a billion dollars. In addition, Nicholas Tse also had his sister's advice in the process of buying a home in the past. In addition to knowing how to invest and manage money, Xie Tingting also knows the entertainment industry's artist brokers well, so Nicholas Tse decided to join forces to attract gold and go public. As for his wife Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas Tse had a huge disagreement with her when they bought a house two years ago. In a previous interview with the media, he said: "Getting along with husband and wife is a relatively deep knowledge in the world, so being able to be independent in a certain way is actually a very good relationship. A good way." In this case, Nicholas Tse would rather let his sister manage the brokerage company to avoid affecting the couple's relationship due to work problems.

After PO Chaoting increased film and television production and brokerage, the company's performance will be further improved. Some analysts have calculated an account for Nicholas Tse. It is expected that film and television shooting and artist brokerage will account for 1/3 of the main income of "PO", and film and television and advertising post-production will account for 2/3 of the income of "PO". In addition, Nicholas Tse has recently traveled to and from Hong Kong and Shanghai several times. In addition to investigating the situation of the Shanghai branch, he also negotiated listing matters with the sponsor. Nicholas Tse's goal is very clear, to be listed on the GEM in the mainland, so as to be comparable to the mainland entertainment giant Huayi Brothers .

The prospect of PO Chaoting company is getting better and better. There will be opportunities to enter the GEM in the future. It is a better opportunity to invest in this company now. Come and invest! This article comes from the brand network film and television company , please indicate the source for reprinting.

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