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A Century-old Way Of Beauty, Japan's Light Luxury Skin Care Brand - Comoace

   2022-01-25 webjack880
Comoace, a light luxury skin care brand from Japan, is one of the top choices for word-of-mouth recommendations in fashion ladies magazines and high-end OL circles. Everyone has a bottle of "Blue Bottle Sericin Moisturizing Essence". -Comoace, t

Comoace, a light luxury skin care brand from Japan, is one of the top choices for word-of-mouth recommendations in fashion ladies magazines and high-end OL circles. Everyone has a bottle of "Blue Bottle Sericin Moisturizing Essence". In the dry climate of winter, the full amount of sericin essence is poured into the skin, and the skin is immediately hydrated, plump, healthy and elastic, and the whole skin looks different.

The brand has a long history - the natural skin beauty "Sericin Essence" that has been inherited for hundreds of years

Fukui Prefecture, known as the "Fiber Kingdom" since ancient times, is one of the rare fiber fabric producing areas in Japan. The company started here in 1889 and started the fiber industry. The mystery of comoace products comes from more than a hundred years. In the process of washing the fabric, it was found that the silk workers could still keep their hands white and smooth even in the severe cold and high-intensity work, thus exploring the precious natural skin beauty ingredient - the sericin essence contained in silk.

The hands of the silk-refining workers are smooth and white!

Comoace uses a century-old refining technology. After decades of scientific research, the comoace skin care brand was officially born in 1996. Now it has been selling well in Japan for more than 20 years. Readers of high-end women's magazines are unanimously praised and have millions of female users in Japan.

1. The ingredients are precious and safe

As early as the Ming Dynasty in China, silk was used as the secret recipe for beauty and beauty of imperial concubines. Li Shizhen recorded freckle skin care products in his medical masterpiece "Compendium of Materia Medica" . Can treat purulent skin.

It is known from many medical records that cocoon beauty has been widely used in ancient times. The ancients ground the silk into fine powder and spread it on the face to make the skin moist and white. The active ingredient used is sericin, which is easily soluble in water.

This natural protein wrapped in the outer layer of silk is composed of 18 kinds of amino acids, which is easily soluble in water and has a strong affinity with the skin. The content of serine in sericin is as high as 36%, which has excellent moisturizing properties, and its hygroscopicity is 50 times stronger than that of glycerin.

2. Recognition of cutting-edge technology in the medical field

Comoace's sericin extract extraction technology has been patented in Japan, and it is used in the field of high-precision medicine as an IPS cell preservation solution that has won the Nobel Prize in recent years.

Comoace uses high-tech extraction technology to extract only 0.03g of sericin from each cocoon, which is more precious than gold. Comoace uses sericin essence as the main ingredient of all products, so that it can quickly penetrate deep into the skin, inject life-like nourishment into the skin, and protect the health and vitality of the skin.

3. Comoace China

The skin care brand comoace from Japan is sold in Thailand and Malaysia, and has entered the Chinese market in 2016. Shanda has entered the high-end New World Daimaru Department Store located on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street in Shanghai, and has successively owned stores in Xiamen, Zhenjiang and Shijiazhuang. Own counter and life experience hall.

Shanghai New World Daimaru Counter

Shijiazhuang Wanda Counter

This time, comoace entered China, and brought a total of four basic series of EX silky moisturizing, silky snow skin, SA anti-wrinkle and face changing, and men's soothing and moisturizing. As well as three original Japanese beauty products such as Silky Snow Skin Repair Essence, Silky Snow Skin Whitening Essence and Perfect Lifting Essence.

The following popular products are recommended:

I sensitive skin, a low-irritant EX silky moisturizing series that can be used by babies and pregnant women

The seven major non-additive mild and simple formulas are refreshing and moisturizing, suitable for thin skin, sensitive skin, and people who like a refreshing feeling of use. Babies and pregnant women can also use it with peace of mind.

II The silky snow skin series that is a moisturizing and whitening power stick in Japan as a cosmeceutical

Expensive sericin essence is the main component, vitamin C derivative of whitening fighters and placenta extract of rare plants are added to whiten, remove freckles and moisturize.

III Japan's star item - Silky Rejuvenating Repair Essence with Highly Concentrated Silk Collagen

Highly concentrated original liquid essence, one drop is equivalent to three drops of essence ingredients, luxuriously added a large amount of precious sericin essence ingredients, without adding pigments, fragrances, mineral oil, etc., it is popular in Japanese high-end magazines and well-known Japanese cosme websites !

comoace, extracts the essence of natural [sericin] to create a beautiful complexion.

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