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Top 10 Burning Software Top CD Burning Software Which Is The Best DVD Burning Software?

   2022-01-25 webjack2000
Use, users can make/edit floppy disk files as they want, and burn out the CDs they need. Domestic burning CD software, one of the most downloaded CD/DVD burning software on major software platforms. The software has the same functions as other CD burning

1. Nero

Nero has been updated with several versions. It is produced by German company Ahead. It is one of the most widely used disc recording software in the world. It supports multiple languages. The procedure is the same. Nero has a high-speed and stable burning core, which is definitely an excellent partner for burning. Its version, Nero12, compresses audio and video content to a fraction of its original size, while retaining the best possible audio and video quality, with full HD resolutions up to 1080p.

2, floppy disk pass

Floppy is an old-fashioned tool for making, editing, and converting disc image files. The software adopts a dual-window unified user interface, automatically optimizes the ISO file storage structure, and saves space. Users can directly edit floppy disk files and extract files from floppy disks, or make floppy disks directly from CD-ROM or make files on hard disk into ISO files. At the same time, the boot information of the ISO file can also be processed to make a bootable CD. Use, users can make/edit floppy disk files as they want, and burn out the CDs they need.

3. Disc Burning Master

Domestic burning CD software, one of the most downloaded CD/DVD burning software on major software platforms. Disc Burning Master covers data burning, disc image creation, disc image burning, DVD folder burning, music disc creation, audio and video file conversion, audio and video editing, disc backup and copying, CD/DVD audio and video extraction and other functions. Software features: With advanced anti-burning technology, the recording speed is fast and stable; a new wizard-style interface is adopted, and the operation is easier and more convenient. 【Detail>>】

4. Ones

onES is a high-quality, compact, and low-memory digital recording software that supports CD-ROM, CD, video files, MP3, WMA, WAV and other formats. ones disc burning software can automatically identify errors, check all options and settings entered by the user, and report possible problems during burning. ones supports a variety of recording formats, and supports RAW mode and direct copying. Its basic operations can be directly clicked from the interface, and generally three steps can solve the problem.

5. ImgBurn

ImgBurn is a lightweight disc burning software with a size of only a few megabytes, dedicated to providing the smallest and most practical free burning solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. It can grab the contents of the CD into an image file, and can also burn the image file to the CD. Although ImgBurn does not have the powerful functions of burning software in the market, it has an excellent response speed and supports more than ten kinds of disc image files in the market. It supports all major recorders and all major optical storage media, can burn almost all common disc images, and also supports many advanced anti-dead and bad-disc features. 【Detail>>】


Be a free cd and dvd burning software, support HD-DVD, and top quality format Blu-Ray (Blu-ray). It can also be used to burn ISO image files, and includes multi-language interface support, no ads or malicious components, suitable for individuals or businesses. The software also supports functions such as automatic verification of written data after the burning process, fast and complete disc erasure, ISO file creation, conversion of BIN and NRG files to ISO, playback gain, CD text and other functions. 【Detail>>】


It is a free and compact burning software, which supports the burning operation of cd and dvd discs. Burning discs and burning discs . Compared with Nero, which we often use, it has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient setting. It can easily burn ISO, Bin/CUE, etc. At the same time, the software also provides a powerful format conversion function, which supports converting music discs into wav, wma, ogg, mp3 and other formats, perfectly compatible with 64-bit operating systems and Vista systems, supports double-layer DVD, and supports multi-track recording.


The Premium version is for personal use only, and the Professional version can be used in any commercial organization. The software interface is refreshing, and the functions of each part are clear and clear. Whether it is CD burning or mirroring, it is professional and easy to use everywhere. It is a professional choice for CD/DVD copying. Now it has launched a Chinese version. The software supports almost all optical storage media with good and wide hardware compatibility, including CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE, HD-DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM.

9. Express burn

One of the top ten CD burning software, is a data file and music CD burning software that supports Windows or Mac, and can burn on CDR and CDRW; supports Jolliet and CDA formats; music CD supports wav, mp3, wma, au, aiff, ra, ogg, flac, aac and other file formats; data CD is fully compatible with ISO standards; data CD supports multi-layer directories and long file names; supports command line operations, and can be integrated with other programs; the interface is simple and easy to use.

10. Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120 has two functions of CD burning and virtual CD, which can completely simulate the original CD, so that you can use the virtual CD drive to execute the virtual CD without burning the CD image file, and the performance is more powerful than the actual CD drive. In addition, Alcohol 120 also supports a variety of image file formats. You can directly mount the CD-ROM image files generated by other software into the virtual CD-ROM of Alcohol 120, and then read the content directly. At the same time, the alcohol 120 also supports multiple recorders to read and record at the same time. It can perform 1:1 reading and recording in RAW mode, and faithfully back up the disc or store it as a disc image file.

11. Burning Studio

The software comes from Germany and is often called "Axiangpo Burning Software" by Chinese users. As a powerful and easy-to-use cd/dvd burning software, Burning Studio supports 255-character DVD file names and 64-character CD file names, and supports more than 1500 CD and DVD burners without complicated settings. and operation, its program runs very simple and logical for both beginners and advanced users. The software is now available as a free version.

12, liwo dvd burning software

Domestic burning CD software, which integrates video burning, video editing and other functions. Whether you have burning experience or not, we recommend you to use this burning software. The steps are simple, the operation is convenient, and the video can be added directly when using, and there is no need to use a converter to convert the format. The software also supports the production of ISO, PAL/NTSC, burns karaoke discs, video editing (fragment clipping, black edge cutting, effect adjustment, etc.) DVD menu production, etc.


Power2Go is a dvd burning software/cd burning software that satisfies the three needs of burning, backup and conversion. Main functions: support Blu-ray disc, HD DVD, CD, DVD disc burning; convenient file search tool, quickly find the file you want to burn; data encryption and password protection; compatible with Windows Vista system, fully supports Windows Vista information board (Sidebar) fast drag/drop burning tool; make movie and photo DVD menus, etc. 【Detail>>】

14. CDrtfe

CDrtfe is an open source burning program that is a Win32 front-end for (/mkisofs/readcd/), , and other well-known tools, supports multiple languages, and is available as a portable version. The software has the same functions as other CD burning software, supports burning data, CD, XCD, VideoCD, DVD, but also can create and write ISO images and boot disks, disk images and audio CDs can be written to multiple burners at the same time.


It is a compact CD burning software/dvd burning software that supports all types of optical storage media, as well as a variety of burners. The feature of the software is that it has one more toolbar than similar software. The main functions are: perform web page, picture, game, software search; listen to favorite radio stations or podcasts; translate in more than 50 languages; customize analog clocks; get the most Popular forum topics, news using RSS reader; search for places, create personal travel itineraries. 【Detail>>】

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