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Inventory Of 10 Big Pit Father Trend Big Gold Chain Small Watch

   2022-01-11 webjack1280
Long chains, thick chains, vintage chains, the chain element may be one of the hottest accessories of the year. In the 1990s, Chanel, YSL, Versace and other big brands all launched gold chain items, but today the big gold chain is no longer a symbol of el

1. Big gold chain

Long chains, thick chains, vintage chains, the chain element may be one of the hottest accessories of the year. In the 1990s, Chanel, YSL, Versace and other big brands all launched gold chain items, but today the big gold chain is no longer a symbol of elegance and taste. The large gold chains and gold watches piled up by a group of rappers have already labeled this classic item as a "multi-gold nouveau riche". And there is still a big difference between gold and gold, just like what Brother Icon Gang said in the cross talk world: "Yo, when the person takes a bath, the gold chain floats up, and the plastic is copper-plated!"

2, the whole body leather

about the shortcomings of leather pants, Sina Fashion once listed them one by one. In a word, they make the butt sweat and the eggs hurt. They are not suitable for sports and show thick legs. So what is even more unreliable than leather pants is a leather item. A black dress is cool, and black leather is vulgar. Kanye gave us the worst example. His love for leather also affected his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, who has big breasts and fat buttocks, so that this pair of tasteless couples now feel like they just went out every time they go out. Trip to Haining, China.

3. Printing, printing, or printing

2012 is another year when printing is wildly popular, but unlike the past, this printing frenzy is even more aggressive. In the past, a single printed item that stands out is enough, but now it is different. The trendy people mix and match prints, whether it is the same print or a mix and match of various prints, in short, the more they wear, the more fashionable they are. There used to be an intensive phobia, and in 2012, he died.

4. Retro "Sanqi Kai"

The yuppie trend that was popular in the last century has returned. Today's trendy men don't like to wear tight-leg pants and oxford shoes. What's more exaggerated is that more and more trendy men have once again retained a small slant of 37. Their three-seven hairstyles are meticulous, and they are paired with a pair of black-rimmed glasses or sunglasses. This is the new gentleman's style this year. But such a hairstyle with an obvious hairline can easily make people see the signs of hair loss, and the fact that the hairspray is used very quickly is definitely not suitable for the poor poor silk.

5. Hawaiian print shirt

The world of hipsters is sometimes incomprehensible to ordinary people. For example, this touristy Hawaiian print shirt has become a unique trend under the interpretation of various slender men. This wonderful feeling seems to be that Zhao Si in "Country Love" went to Sanya, bought two commemorative T-shirts, and transformed himself into a Malanpo fashion icon, leading a new round of fashion in the village.

6. Suit cardigan

The position of "casual guy" is really too difficult to achieve in reality. It is difficult for you to look stylish in loose sweatpants in public. As a result, a single product that combines the formality of a suit and the casual sense of a cardigan came into being - a suit-style cardigan. It is most suitable for scheming men who seem to be too lazy to match, just wear a suit and go out, but actually try to figure out every detail. But since it is on this list, it must have shortcomings, that is-too bloated. If you are not a skinny man under 65kg, wearing this cardigan can only make you look more bearded.

7. Designers spoof big-name T-shirts

Pure gold necklaces and leather items may indeed be a bit expensive, but fashion is still not so inhumane. In order to make the poor with more fashionable, some ghost-horse designers choose to cut to big names. Recently, there have been more and more T-shirts spoofing big-name LOGOs. They have become, become. It seems that the cottage is actually very interesting. The short and poor may wish to make themselves fashionable through this humorous route.

8. Tie your shirt around your waist

Just look up an old photo of your parents in the 1990s, and you will find how popular the uninhibited collocation of shirts tied around the waist was at that time. Although it is very practical to wear more clothes like this, if you don't have the temperament of a hipster, it is more like a village cadre who has just visited the left-behind women.

9. Sneakers are all-match

There are many people who have chain bags just like Twilight Girl K, and their love for sneakers has gone beyond the limit, so that in their eyes, everything can be combined with sneakers. From short skirts to dresses, from trousers to trousers, it seems that sneakers are the all-purpose street shooting artifact. But when others see the chain bag , the irresponsible attitude of this group of people is really ugly!

10. Flower pot hat

The flower pot hat is a very attractive item. Like Wang Jiazhi in "Lust, Caution", it looks noble and charming, but like the one in the picture above, it is really terrible. Therefore, the editor suggests that if you are really brave enough to try this item, you must adjust the shape and material to be firmer, or you will bring out the aunt who just returned from the morning market and fished three catties of crucian carp to go home and add one The uncle temperament of the dish.

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