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What Kind Of Milk Powder Is Good For Newborns? What Should I Do If My Mother-in-law Is Bringing A Ch

   2022-01-05 webjack970
Nowadays, mothers in the workplace will face the same problem after giving birth to the elderly. The problem of how to educate the children will cause conflicts between the two generations in the process of the elderly raising children. Modern people acce

Nowadays, mothers in the workplace face the same problem after giving birth. The elderly bring their children! Maternity leave is limited. After the maternity leave, the child must be brought to the class. How can one take care of it alone? Children have become a common phenomenon. However, in the process of bringing children to the elderly, the question of how to educate children will cause conflicts between the two generations. Modern people accept modern concepts, especially the various views of parenting that are popular, causing young people to feel like the older generation. The concept is backward and can't keep up with the development of the times. It is not scientific at all, and the elderly feel that they have brought their children up and have a lot of experience.

Publicly speaking is publicly reasonable, and my mother-in-law is reasonable, or should I listen more to what everyone says? Junlebao’s Lebo infant formula milk powder has the three characteristics of being pro-physical, pro-intelligent, and pro-harmonious. Close to the baby’s natural growth needs,

Promote the full absorption of baby nutrition! Regarding this conflict, Junlebao milk powder believes that it should be close to the reality of the parenting process, combined with the scientific concept of parenting, and fully understand the views and positions of the elderly.

After the baby is born, most elderly people will pass on the experience, saying that the baby should be wrapped in a quilt, which is both good-looking and warm; but the modern parenting concept just believes that the child needs to move around freely, and the child needs to be wrapped up. Activities, this approach is unscientific. As a novice parent, I have no experience in bringing up children, and I really don’t know which statement is right. But the spirit of scientific principle, we mostly elderly dirty word, but in the United States, Harvard University subordinates Hospital, the nation's number one maternity hospital for the elderly nutrition , doctors will be dedicated to novice Mama, first to Wrap the child. And specifically demonstrate how to do it. In fact, it's the same way as we have passed down the children in our old life. The doctor’s statement is like this: The baby is surrounded when it is in the mother’s womb. Especially in the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby gets bigger and bigger, and is tightly wrapped by the uterus. For the baby, it is tight. Tightly wrapped is the safest environment for your baby. After the baby is born, he has come to a new world and a new environment. The baby must slowly transition, and the environment cannot be changed immediately. Wrap the baby first, and when he can slowly break free bit by bit, it means that the baby has adapted to the outside environment.

As for the scientific nature of the two, we have no way of demonstrating, but we can only look at the baby's situation by ourselves. If the baby is not required to be wrapped and the baby is well adapted to nutritional supplements for the elderly after birth , then it is nothing. If there is a real need, there is no harm in wrapping it. As for the statement that restricts the growth of the baby, I think it should not be true. The growth of a newborn baby can be counted on a daily basis. It is really the same every day. It will not be restricted after being wrapped for a few days just because of the birth.

All in all, the elderly are helping with their children. Regardless of whether they have the same concept or not, the mothers should give the elderly the respect they deserve and communicate clearly in time if there is a problem. only in this way can the family be more harmonious and the baby will be healthier and happier!

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