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Choose building materials for fire-retardant board decoration, look for Luli Wood!

   2021-12-25 webjack1470
After professional testing, the free formaldehyde emission of Luli 0-formaldehyde added flame retardant board is less than 8. In summary, Luli board is environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, strong and tough, stable and non-deformed; good overall unifo

The family sits idly and the lights are amiable. Home is the starting point of memory, and one's life is on the way home. People spend the longest time at home. Therefore, no pollution and no harm are the first prerequisites for homes. Choose building materials for decoration and look for Luli Wood. Together with Luli Wood, started a healthy 0-aldehyde addition plan, built a home for love, and opened the prelude to ecological life.

Environmental protection performance, 0 aldehyde adds health

All Luli production lines use German imported equipment, select high-quality precious wood as the panel, and are formed by high temperature hot pressing with 0 aldehyde added glue. Isocyanate (MDI) is used as an adhesive in the production process, and it does not contain aldehydes and benzene harmful substances to the human body. The quality is comparable to natural wood, which ensures the health and environmental performance of Luli 0 aldehyde added floor. After professional testing of the flame-retardant board , the free formaldehyde emission of Luli 0-aldehyde added flame-retardant board is less than 8.0mg/100g, which is lower than the national standard E1 level 9.0mg/100g.

Material performance, excellent quality

Choose building materials for fire-retardant board decoration, look for Luli Wood!

Luli's innovative product OSB0 aldehyde has a three-layer structure with flame retardant board . The upper and lower layers of shavings are arranged longitudinally, and the core layer is arranged horizontally. This crisscross structure makes it have good seismic resistance, impact resistance, and bending resistance. Strength and excellent aging resistance. Luli sheet has low moisture absorption, stable water absorption thickness and expansion rate, and excellent moisture resistance. After testing, Luli sheet MOR, MOE, IB and other physical and mechanical performance indicators have reached the national standard stipulated in the A-level requirements for superior products.


Good overall uniformity, easy to process

Because the OSB board is formed by continuous hot pressing, the internal bonding strength is extremely high, so there are no joints, gaps, cracks in any place, and the overall uniformity is good. Both the center and the edges have strong nail-holding power and do not corrode metal links. . In addition, due to the reorganization of the wooden texture structure of the OSB board, the effect of the internal stress of the wood on the processing is completely eliminated, so it has an extraordinary easy-to-process flame-retardant board , not only cutting, drilling, planing, sawing and forming processing at will, but also Moreover, it can be directly painted with varnish, paint or pasted on the surface, which is convenient and easy to use.

Choose building materials for fire-retardant board decoration, look for Luli Wood!

Good comfort

The porous system structure of OSB board makes it have excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance. As the main material for building structural components and interior decoration, panels with low thermal conductivity can achieve good thermal insulation and energy-saving effects, help regulate indoor temperature and humidity, and greatly reduce building energy consumption, thereby realizing energy-saving and emission-reduction in building construction .


In summary, Luli board has the advantages of environmental protection, moisture resistance, strong toughness, stability and non-deformation; good overall uniformity and easy processing; good thermal insulation performance; and strong sound absorption performance. At present, the material is widely used in homes, hospitals, schools, public utilities, furniture industry and other places at home and abroad. Starting from the field of health and environmental protection, Luli tailor-made the most fashionable and environmentally friendly health panels for thousands of households, improving the health quality of modern home life and leading the new trend of green and environmentally friendly building materials.

"Board with 0 aldehyde added, healthy materials", Luli Zhenpin, guards the warm home, starts a quality life with heart, makes the home glow with a new look, and makes life beautiful and prosperous!

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