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Good things sharing | luxury shopping site Mytheresa big-name bags sharing

   2021-12-24 webjack1290
Recently, I shared a wave of beautiful and big-name bags that I recently saw on the luxury shopping site Mytheresa~ The three above are my favorite bags, and I have all added to Mytheresa's shopping cart. Speaking of buying luxury goods on this websi

Recently, I shared a wave of beautiful and big-name bags that I recently saw on the luxury shopping website Mytheresa~~This is also the Jimei around me, press the head to give me Amway, they are all invincible explosions like the money, rich Sisters can all in~

好物分享 | 奢侈品购物网站Mytheresa大牌包包分享

好物分享 | 奢侈品购物网站Mytheresa大牌包包分享

Summer is here, white bags are indispensable. No matter where you are, Jacquemus's "Le Sac Riviera" shoulder bag is simply a must-have for fashionistas, and can create a fashionable vacation look for you; here is the exclusive capsule series of Jacquemus and Mytheresa is also issued on the website Now, an exclusive model, it is worth a visit! At the same time, Saint Laurent's "Loulou Puffer" S size white shoulder bag is also especially suitable for summer. It uses refreshing tones and highly textured materials, which is particularly fresh and versatile.

好物分享 | 奢侈品购物网站Mytheresa大牌包包分享

Every summer, LOEWE launches woven bags of various materials and contours. This is also the style I will focus on every year. To be honest, the woven bags launched in spring and summer this year are pure and tasteful, exuding a leisurely vacation atmosphere, beautiful and beautiful Practical~~

好物分享 | 奢侈品购物网站Mytheresa大牌包包分享

Speaking of the coolest and most fashionable bags, Balenciaga's hourglass bag is definitely one of them! This bag style has gained a strong foothold as soon as it was launched in the fall of 2019. It is built with a stiff contour shape, and there is no waste of space inside. After being opened, you can store things as you like. At the same time, it also provides mezzanine storage for small things. Contrary to the avant-garde shape on the outside, the hourglass bag is simple and practical inside.

The above three items are my favorite bags. The best shopping website in China. The best shopping website in China . I have all added to Mytheresa's shopping cart. Speaking of buying luxury goods on this website, it really gave me a big surprise. It is a German website, and all products are directly mailed from the German warehouse to the country. I originally thought that it might take half a month to get the goods after placing the order, but I didn't expect to receive the goods in less than 5 days, which exceeded my expectations. The product packaging is very good, the yellow packaging box, there is also a website unique card, and the details can be seen with care!!

The website supports Chinese pages, and the customer service can also communicate in Chinese. You can use WeChat, Alipay or UnionPay to pay. This is actually the same as buying things on some domestic platforms. And the price of the goods on the Mytheresa page is the price after customs clearance, and it will not be taxed when mailed. It is more assured! And if the style is not suitable or you don't like it, you can return or exchange it within 30 days.

Finally, let me talk about the key points. The luxury items above are all directly purchased from the brand to ensure the authenticity. Now Mytheresa has been listed by me on the Queen's website.

Quietly, I can tell you that sometimes the website will also have discounts. According to my understanding, in June, the website has discounts as high as 60% for women's clothing and 60% for men's clothing. Those who I usually add to the shopping cart have not had time to pay, now it is just right. You can take advantage of the discount event to place an order, and you can make a profit~~

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