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The story behind the founders of 20 luxury brands in the world and the brand's LOGO

   2021-12-24 webjack1960
Versace, a well-known luxury brand from Italy, has created a fashion empire and represents a brand family. Versace's fashion products penetrate every area of ​​life. Its distinctive design style, unique beauty, and strong avant-garde artistic represe

Today, I will introduce the stories behind the top 20 luxury brand LOGOs. Through the concrete brand LOGO, we can spy on the top brands that lead infinite design and fashion inspiration. What kind of inspiration prompted the birth of their brand LOGO?

Versace Medusa Head (Medusa Head)


Versace, a well-known luxury brand from Italy, has created a fashion empire and represents a brand family. Versace's fashion products penetrate every area of ​​life. Its distinctive design style, unique beauty, and strong avant-garde artistic representation Let it take the world by storm. Its distinctive design style is a symbol of unique avant-garde art with a strong sense of beauty.

Versace's LOGO design uses symbolic techniques, adopts the shape of the snake monster Medusa in mythology as the spiritual symbol, and is created by absorbing the magnificent culture of ancient Greece, Egypt, and India. Medusa is the devil in Greek mythology, representing authority and fatal attraction. It symbolizes that Versace not only has the extravagance of opera style, but also the strong avant-garde trend artistic characteristics that are sought after by the world.

As for why Medusa should be used as the brand LOGO, Donatella Versace, the sister of Versace's current design director and founder Gianni Versace, said in an interview that no one can escape Medusa's love.


YSL Letters


YSL's full name is Yves Saint Laurent, and its Chinese name is Saint Laurent. It is a world-renowned fashion brand, mainly including fashion, skin care, perfume, luggage, accessories, etc. The founder Yves Saint Laurent originally designed fashion for Dior.

The story behind the founders of 20 luxury brands in the world and the brand's LOGO

Saint Laurent’s brand LOGO was designed by Ugandan French painter and designer Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron in December 1961, after which he committed suicide.

This LOGO seems simple, but it is full of many "out-of-the-box" design ideas, so that the three letters that are difficult to coordinate and blend are extremely elegantly integrated.


Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy (Goddess of Flying Heaven)

Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce) is the world's top luxury car manufacturer, founded in the United Kingdom in 1906, the founders of the company are Frederick Henry Royce (Henry Royce) and Charles Stewart Rolls (Charlie Rolls). The cars produced by Rolls-Royce are outstanding representatives of top-class cars and are well-known all over the world for their luxury. In 2003, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars was taken over by BMW.

This car logo originated from a romantic love story, and the designer was Charles Sykes, a British painter and sculptor. British Conservative Party member John Montagu has an innate literary obsession and romantic feelings about love. When he is married, he still madly loves his female secretary Eleanor Thornton (Eleanor). Thornton). After purchasing a Rolls-Royce 10/HP, Montague found Charles Sykes, hoping to design the image of his lover Thornton into a car logo.

At that time, the Parisian choreographer and dancer Roy Fleur was setting off a revolution in the dance world. Montague took Thornton to the Opera House in Paris to watch her performance. In the lighting, a series of perfect dance poses showed exactly what Montagu wanted in his heart: a woman in a tight-fitting long veil, the looming exquisite figure looks more beautiful under the package of the long veil. After several revisions, the image of the Fei Tian goddess finally took shape: bending her legs and stretching her head forward-as if staring at the road ahead, the long veil skirt fluttered in the wind and tightly wrapped her graceful body. In 1911, it officially became the logo of Rolls Royce.

The story behind the founders of 20 luxury brands in the world and the brand's LOGO

Montagu’s relationship with Thornton began in 1902. Montagu’s wife Cecil has always been tolerant of this extramarital affair, and she even treats Thornton as a friend. However, this extramarital affair ended in tragedy. During the First World War, Montagu was sent to India to inspect the mobile force. He and Thornton boarded the ship on December 13, 1915. Later, the ship was hit by a German torpedo and Montague survived, but Thornton was unfortunately buried on the sea floor with the ship.


The Hermés Carriage

Hermès (Hermes) is a world-famous luxury brand, founded by Thierry Hermès in Paris, France in 1837. It started with manufacturing high-end harnesses in its early years and has a long history of more than 170 years.

The Hermés brand LOGO is the brand name of a carriage with Memphis font, designed by Dr. Rudolf Wolf in 1929. The origin of this LOGO is naturally inseparable from Hermés' old line: the harness store.

In the 19th century, most residents of Paris, France raised horses. In 1837, Thierry Hermes opened the first harness store in Basse-du-Rempart Street in the bustling Madeleine area. His harness workshop made various exquisite accessories for carriages. Hermés harnesses can be seen on the most beautiful carriages in Paris at that time. Hermes craftsmen carve every product like an artist, leaving behind many handed down works.

After that, Hermés went out of the Parisian trend of women's clothing and went to European countries. The high-end harness made by Hermes was deeply loved by European aristocrats at that time, and its brand became a typical representative of French luxury consumption.


Chanel Interlocking C's (Double C)

Chanel (Chanel) is a well-known brand with a full 100-year history. Chanel fashion always has an elegant, concise and exquisite style. She is good at breaking through the tradition. As early as the 1940s, she successfully pushed the "five-flower-tied" women's clothing to simple and comfortable. , This may be the earliest modern casual wear.

Chanel's LOGO was personally designed by Coco Chanel in 1925 and is still in use today. There are three theories about the source of inspiration for this LOGO. One is from the glass windows of the Aubazine church, where Coco Chanel spent his childhood; the other is that Coco Chanel accidentally saw a piece of art at a famous party. The double-C sign of the revival period; the last statement is more in line with popular psychology, about the love story of a boy named Capel.

He loved Coco Chanel all his life, and initially supported her career and one of her clothing stores. The biographer Justine Picardie once hinted that the double-C logo is a metaphor. CocoChanel and Capel have no business connection or marriage certificate, but they overlap with each other in trendy women's clothing and stay away at any time.


Maserati Trident (Trident)

The story behind the founders of 20 luxury brands in the world and the brand's LOGO


Maserati (Maserati) is an Italian luxury car manufacturer, founded in Bologna on December 1, 1914, the company is headquartered in Modena (Modena), the brand logo is a trident.

The LOGO of this trident was designed by Mario Maserati of the Maserati brothers. Among the six Maserati brothers, Mario Maserati is the only artist who does not understand automobile technology or commercial operations. The LOGO is inspired by the statue of Neptune, the god of the sea, standing on Maggiore Square in Bologna, where Maserati was once the headquarters.


Prada Rope Emblem


In 1913, Prada founded its first boutique in the center of Milan, Italy. The designer Mario Prada designed a series of fashionable and high-quality handbags, suitcases, leather accessories and cosmetic cases. It has been favored and sought after by the royal family and the upper class.

Although Prada's brand LOGO does not appear often, it actually contains a very rich cultural connotation. For example, the Savoy badge on the top of this LOGO was forbidden until Prada became the appointed supplier of the Italian royal family in 1919.

The story behind the founders of 20 luxury brands in the world and the brand's LOGO


Louis Vuitton Monogram (Monogram pattern)

Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) was founded in Paris, France in 1854. From the royal family to the top craft workshops, Louis Vuitton has never stopped its passion and inheritance of travel, tradition and innovation. Louis Vuitton’s classic designs conform to important developments in travel history.

The Monogram pattern was born six years after Louis Vuitton was founded. At that time, George Vuitton believed that it was necessary to give the brand products a consistent image mark, so he spent several weeks constantly creating sketches of the pattern theme. During this period, the trend of Japanese aesthetics prevailed in Europe, and the final draft he selected was also full of traditional Japanese emblems: four-leaf flowers surrounded by circles, four-pointed stars, and four-pointed stars surrounded by a concave rhombus, plus the overlapping characters LV. (Louis Vuitton initials) form a unique combination of Monogram patterns.

The Louis Vuitton company registered the Monogram pattern canvas design in 1897 and registered it as a brand in 1905.


The Ferrari Horse (Prancing Horse)

Ferrari (Ferrari) is an Italian car manufacturer, founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, it mainly manufactures Formula One racing cars, racing cars and high-performance sports cars. Ferrari is a world-renowned manufacturer of racing cars and sports cars. The early Ferrari sponsored racing drivers and production cars. In 1947, it independently produced cars.

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