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Top Ten Brands of Outdoor Mountaineering Bags

   2021-12-14 websiteweb1960
Introduction to the mountaineering bag industry 1. How to use mountaineering bags correctly. In addition, due to the different body types and load-bearing capacities of men and women, the mountaineering bags selected by men and women can be used for short

Brief introduction of mountaineering bag industry

1. How to use mountaineering bag correctly

The mountaineering bag is a backpack used by climbers to load materials and equipment. It has the characteristics of scientific design, reasonable structure, convenient loading, comfortable load-bearing, and convenient for long journeys. The method of using the mountaineering bag is: first, put the outdoor equipment and supplies to be carried into the mountaineering bag from bottom to top, pack it, and tighten the rope strap; then loosen the shoulder strap and place the bag on a higher one. Position or let someone else hold it, tighten the waist belt and shoulder straps after carrying the bag, so that most of the weight of the mountaineering bag is distributed to the waist and hips; then adjust the shoulder belt, chest belt, waist belt, center of gravity adjustment belt, etc. of the mountaineering bag, Make climbing more comfortable; after adjustment, you can start climbing. Pay attention when climbing, pull the adjustment belt between the shoulder strap and the hiking backpack with both hands, and lean forward slightly, so that the gravity during climbing is on the waist, hip and back. No sense of oppression.

Second, how big is the right mountaineering bag to buy

The capacity of the mountaineering bag is usually measured by the manufacturer with a special device, usually a small plastic ball with a diameter of 2-3cm, fill all the pockets inside the backpack, and then pour it out and place it in a measuring tool with a volume. , You can get the capacity of the mountaineering bag. For the user, you can refer to the selection by the capacity of the mountaineering bag. Generally, the capacity of mountaineering bags should be selected according to the needs of use and their own characteristics. If the travel time is short, and you are not planning to camp outdoors, and there are not many items to carry, you should choose a small-capacity backpack, generally 25 to 45 liters is enough; If you need to travel for a long time or need to carry camping equipment, you should choose a large bag, which is 50 liters-70 liters; if you need to carry a lot of things or have a large volume, you can choose a large backpack of 80 + 20 liters. In addition, due to the difference in body shape and load-bearing capacity of men and women, the hiking bags selected by men and women can be used for short trips, but for mid- to long-distance trips or camping over 3 days, the hiking bags selected by general women can be 10 less than those of male counterparts. Up around. When buying a mountaineering bag, pay attention to choosing a reasonable capacity size, and choose a good-quality, durable mountaineering bag brand product.

Three, how to wash the mountaineering bag

Hiking backpacks are often used outdoors, they will inevitably be contaminated with dirt, dust, and sweat. They should be cleaned after each use when they go home. The cleaning method is: 1. Put a pot of clean water for about half an hour, and put in an appropriate amount of neutral. Detergent, put the mountaineering bag in, soak for a period of time, and then scrub with a brush. 2. When cleaning, use a brush to clean the dirtier outdoor backpack on the hiking bag . Be careful not to use too much force to avoid chromatic aberration in the cleaned area; if it is particularly dirty and the brush is not clean, you can use high-pressure water to rinse or use some Treat it with something that has an adsorption effect. 3. After washing the mountaineering bag as a whole, some parts need to be cleaned, such as the drawing on the backpack, backpack locks, sliding buckles, handles, shoulder straps, etc. It is recommended to wipe with a small amount of detergent on a wet towel Wash and dry with a dry towel. 4. After cleaning, do not use a hair dryer to dry it, so as not to damage the fabric, nor place it in the sun to dry the outdoor backpack , but place it in a ventilated place to dry it.

4. Can hiking bags be carried on the plane?

Some friends who love outdoor sports usually wear hiking bags when they travel. However, you should pay attention when traveling by civil aviation. In theory, you are allowed to carry a certain weight of luggage with you by plane. Mountaineering bags are also portable bags, but Its size and weight must be within the specified range, and it must not contain items prohibited by the aircraft, such as inflammable and explosive materials, liquids, etc.; in addition, the mountaineering bag allowed to be carried on the aircraft requires a volume not to exceed 20 cm × 40 Cm×55 cm, the weight should not exceed 5 kg (the civil aviation of different flight companies may be slightly different, it is recommended to check in advance), a small mountaineering bag (below 45 liters) may meet this requirement, if the mountaineering bag capacity is relatively large, or If it is packed full, you may not be able to carry it on the plane, and you can only go through the check-in procedures.

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