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【American Travel Bags】Brand Introduction→American Travel Trolley Case

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Tourister ("American Travel") luggage brand. In 1933, Mr. Sokafler (Mr. joined the Samsonite International luggage company in the 1990s. As the second brand of the Samsonite family, it operates globally and has independent advertising, operation

Beginning in the United States in 1933, it is an internationally renowned luggage brand under Samsonite. The red and blue butterfly wing-shaped trademark is its logo. Its high-quality brand characteristics are favored by users all over the world.

AmericanTourister ("American Travel") luggage brand, founded in 1933 by Mr. Solkoffler (Mr. Solkoffler) in Inexplicable Rhode Island, has a regular history of nearly eighty years. Joined Samsonite International Luggage Company in the 1990s. As the second brand of the Samsonite family , it operates a unified luggage brand globally and has independent advertising, operation, development, and procurement systems. It is a luggage brand under Samsonite. The red and blue "butterfly wings" shape is often a sign of "good quality and reasonable price" of "American Travel" luggage, and its high-quality brand characteristics are more popular among users. The global sales network covers more than 100 countries and provides global after-sales service.

Brand History

In 1933, Mr. SolKoffler, the founder of AMERICANTOURISTER brand, was often inexplicably out of a "sturdy and often economical" suitcase. He used his regular savings and inexplicable rounds of his regular luggage brand . In 1933, he established the "AMERICANLUGGAGE" factory in Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, USA. Later, he often became "AMERICANTOURISTER" and soon became a regular. A well-known brand.

In 1945, with the frequent air travel, people's demand for light suitcases rose sharply from time to time, and the HI-TAPER cone-shaped light suitcase of AMERICANTOURISTER was born from this.

In 1946, AMERICANTOURISTER invested 12,000 US dollars.

In the 1960s, international travel was often popular, and AMERICANTOURISTER was trusted by consumers.

In the 1970s, AMERICANTOURISTER was planned by the Hengmei DDB advertising company, and launched the "Gorilla" advertising program. The image of the time box that was often ravaged and inexplicably intact in the film, made its high-quality time and time began to be circulated by users around the world.

In 1993, Samsonite acquired AMERICANTOURISTER, the then larger competitor of the Samsonite brand. As a luggage brand under Samsonite, it always operates uniformly and has independent advertising, marketing, development and procurement systems.

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