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How is the Aihua backpack popular?

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How about Aihuas luggage how much is Aihuas luggage price how much Aihuas advertising is "You can install it, the world is yours", it can be seen that this brand's bags are also built for dreams, this brand not only has bags, but also women

With the continuous development of society and economy, many domestic brands have gone to the world, and they have developed very well. As a well-known domestic luggage brand, Aihua has always been loved by people, so how about Aihua? a bit.

How about Aihuas

How much is the price of Aihuashi bags?

Aihuashi luggage price

Everyone is familiar with the ads of Aihuashi. After the brand entered the market, it has always appeared in front of everyone with good quality and good styles. There are also many retail stores in many areas. What about Aihuashi bags is actually a lot of consumption. choice for those who, because of Ai Shi luggage has designed the most innovative fashion elements, combined with the brand OIWAS for consumers to bring more surprises shoulder bags , that Ai Shi luggage price how much?

Aihuashi luggage price

Ai Hua Shi’s advertisement is "You can hold it, the world is your" backpack . It can be seen that the bags of this brand are also made for dreams. This brand not only has bags, but also women's bags, men's bags, leisure bags and suitable for Special bags for various occasions, of course, these prices are different from other brands of bags, Aihuashi aircraft wheel trolley case 6182 business travel suitcase 24 inches price 399 yuan, Aihuashi aircraft wheel trolley case 6182 men and women leisure travel The 20-inch cabin price is 279 yuan.

How much is the luggage price

And the price of Aihuashi luggage is not the same as the price of material is not the same. Aihuashi trolley case universal wheel 20-inch female luggage price is 269 yuan, Aihuashi business travel airplane wheel suitcase PC luggage 617520 inches price 499 yuan, The price of Aiwas oiwas nylon super large capacity knight style trolley travel bag is 179 yuan, the price of Aihuas Oxford brazil 20-inch suitcase is 279 yuan, and the price of Aiwas printed backpack female Korean college style student schoolbag is trendy male The mini backpack costs 159 yuan.

How about Aihuas

Made in China has become a trendy new label, Aihua Shi teaches you how to fight this cross-border battle

Aihuashi and Coca-Cola, the classic symbol of global popular culture, collide with the brand cultures of two different backgrounds and different language systems. This year, they launched a joint IP eternal classic series to pay tribute to the trendy classics. "You can pretend, the world is yours" is the brand spirit that Aihua Shi has always emphasized. This time, the brand gene of "sharing happiness" with Coca-Cola will be a Sino-American hybrid, giving a new cross-border product-the core spirit of the eternal classic series. : Let’s go, sayhi to the world! To the young people the trendy attitude of "starting happily when you are young".

Not only that, Aihuas firmly grasps the hearts of the "new" people who love the "new". Aihuas takes the [airport] as a creative element, boldly and innovatively "moves" the airport to the Beijing CBD, and cleverly integrates fashion trends while restoring the airport scene. ——Using the runway as the show venue, the waiting room as the photographing area, and the walkway as the display area, it embodies Aihua's pursuit of fashion marketing and determination to create a trend effect.

Witness the strength of Chinese brands, how strong is the protection of the Aihuashi luggage brand

As the drafting unit of the luggage industry standard, Aihuashi participated in the drafting of the national industry implementation standards for luggage products; Aihuashi bags all need to undergo strict inspections, and each bag needs to go through a 32-step rigorous test from design to birth. only then can it be branded with the Aihuashi brand LOGO, and then go to consumers.

By integrating online and offline integrated marketing, using CCTV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV and other TV media, WeChat Weibo new media, fashion column content placement, fashion magazine celebrity use recommendation and other marketing methods, Aihua Shi deeply cultivates the luggage market; At present, Aihuashi luggage has been distributed in more than 300 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, etc., covering major domestic department stores, supermarket chains, online e-commerce sales platforms and customized gift channels for major customers.

For Aihuas, who wants to build the No. 1 brand of travel luggage in China, companies must not only provide consumers with high-quality luggage and adopt correct marketing methods; companies also need to pay attention to protecting their trademarks, domain names and other brands, so their brands only the popularity and reputation can be maintained, and the brand can stand firm.

Through the above introduction, we have learned about the related content of Aihuashi. We can only get good feedback if we constantly understand the relevant industry market and then experience it for ourselves.

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