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One of the best hiking bags, camel brand hiking bags

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Camel brand mountaineering bag III, camel brand mountaineering bag Camel brand mountaineering bag is a fashionable series of outdoor backpacks produced by American Camel Company, which is characterized by powerful functions. A men's and women's

Many people like Camel brand things. Why? Because camel products are of good quality and durable. Now Camel brand products are basically the first choice for outdoor sportsmen. Let’s take a look at Camel mountaineering bags. .

Camel mountaineering bag

1. Camel

The American Camel brand was founded in 1913. Camel (China) Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned operation agency (Asia Pacific Headquarters) of American Camel (AMERICANCAMELINTERNATIONALINVESTENTERPRISELTD) in the Asia-Pacific region. It is responsible for the brand of Camel (Camel) in the Asia-Pacific region. Operational business.

Since CAMEL entered the professional outdoor field, its professional and dedicated concept and the pursuit of perfect product design backpacks have accumulated a large number of users for the brand. Camel’s single-day sales of Camel on Double Eleven in 2011 were 50 million, 215 million in 2012, 380 million in 2013, 420 million in 2014, 412 million in 2015, 536 million in 2017, and the seventh consecutive double 11 shoe and apparel brand sales. crown. Offline, Camel is not to be outdone. It currently has more than 4,000 stores across the country and has become a well-deserved traditional outdoor brand that flies online and offline.

CAMEL has always been a brand with individuality, bravery, and unremitting exploration spirit. Whether it is business, leisure or outdoor categories, it has been devoted to this brand concept. Some brand marketing experts said that Camel’s unique and inclusive brand genes enable it to naturally cross the outdoor field from the leisure field. The strategic adjustment of the dual kingdoms of outdoor and leisure is a kind of inheritance and development of the persistent camel spirit. The positive and positive influence of its camel spirit is also very motivating for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Second, honor

2016 China Outdoor Industry Annual Selection "China Outdoor Leading Brand", "China Brand Equipment Award"

Camel won the "New Outdoor Equipment Award" in 2017

In December 2017, Camel won the Golden Wheat Award for Shoes and Bags for its integrated marketing case of "Going Boldly". This is the fifth consecutive year that Camel has won awards based on innovative marketing cases since 2013.

In 2018, Camel won the title of "Best Outdoor Brand of 2017".

3. Camel mountaineering bag

Camel mountaineering bag is a fashionable series of outdoor backpack and shoulder travel bag produced by American Camel Company , which is characterized by powerful functions. Strive to make every user feel comfortable in outdoor sports is the design concept of Camel mountaineering bag. Every design of the Camel mountaineering bag is just right, and there is absolutely no sense of complexity and procrastination. Outstanding quality, which is a typical feature of Camel mountaineering bag. Whether you are a professional outdoor enthusiast or not, you will be attracted by the outstanding charm of the Camel mountaineering bag. A men's and women's backpack that can make outdoor sports more comfortable and natural. This is the camel brand mountaineering bag, which is practical and fashionable, noble but elegant. Camel brand mountaineering bag, a boutique for outdoor sports.

Because the camel outdoor travel bag is used in the special environment, higher requirements are put forward on the materials and craftsmanship of the backpack. All the stressed positions of the backpack are stitched three times with stitches to make the stressed positions firm and durable. The buckle and other parts of the backpack can be made anti-freezing, anti-smashing and deformation at 120 degrees Celsius without damage.

Pre-formed shoulder straps designed and cut according to ergonomic principles. Quickly and simply adjust the center of the backpack to the best position, and the height can be adjusted to the most ideal position to adapt to various back lengths. The combination of the special high-elastic sponge and the high-breathable mesh paint surface produces a pneumatic pump effect, which brings you the best ventilation and can transmit weight best and most comfortably.

Camel mountaineering bag

The above is the knowledge about the Camel mountaineering bag introduced by the editor. I hope to help everyone. In fact, the Camel brand has always been very good. It is a very trustworthy brand and worthy of everyone's choice.

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