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Xuzhou Range Hood Filter Manufacturer** Consultation

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The selection of the backwash filter standard should match the pipeline of the device. When the flow of the backwash filter cannot meet the pipeline requirements, two (or more) backwash filters can be connected in parallel or by side filtration. The water

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When the pressure difference of the bag filter reaches the preset value, the active cleaning process will start, fresh water flows continuously, the cleaning valve is opened, the water pressure in the cleaning room and the dust suction device drops significantly, as well as the filter tube and dust suction The pressure difference of the pipe generates suction between the suction pipe and the cleaning chamber through the suction nozzle, which constitutes the dirt suction process.

Due to the low cost of the filter bag of the bag filter, once the filter system is blocked for cleaning the filter screen of the range hood , you can devote yourself to the filter bag to maintain the precious coating liquid. The bag filter can greatly reduce the operating cost of the depot;

Range hood filter cleaning_oil fume cleaning record_how to clean fume cleaning

After the industry is booming, automobiles are also an industry where the bag filter is frequently used. It can bring many advantages to car manufacturers. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the automotive industry, which is inseparable from the bag filter.

The cracks in the external projection and external projection are caused by the conflict between the bag filter bag and the matching filter basket. The opening area supporting the filter basket is kneaded on the outer filter material of the filter bag, pulling the fiber structure of the filter bag to cause breakage. In addition, due to defects in the planning and production of the filter system, bag filter bags and filter baskets cannot be mounted. When the filter material is washed by the filter material, the filter bag will be stretched by longitudinal and transverse stress, which will also cause the filter bag to burst. One of the elements.

Range hood filter cleaning_how to clean lampblack_cleaning record of lampblack

The bag filter begins to prepare for the next washing cycle. For the cleaning of the filter screen of the range hood of the bag filter device , attention should be paid to the selection of the backwash filter standard and the matching of the device pipeline. When the flow rate of the backwash filter cannot meet the pipeline requirements, two (or more) backwash filters can be connected in parallel. Or do side filtering.

The bag filter should be installed as far as possible where the system needs maintenance. The low pressure of the water inlet affects the operation, so it should also be installed close to the pressure source. The bag filter should be installed in series in the pipeline system. To ensure uninterrupted water supply when the system is shut down for maintenance, it is recommended to install a bypass in the system. The inlet and outlet of the backwash filter and the bypass pipe should be equipped with a shut-off ball valve.

Oil fume cleaning record

At the same time, the motor drives the suction tube to make an axial spiral movement. The axial movement and rotation of the dirt suction device are combined to clean the inside and outside of the entire filter screen. The entire flushing process only takes tens of seconds. The drain valve is closed at the end of cleaning.

The water in the bag filter enters from the water inlet, first filters out larger particles of impurities through the coarse filter, and then reaches the fine filter. In the filtering process, the fine filter gradually accumulates dirt and impurities in the water, forming a layer of filtering impurities. The impurity layer accumulates on the inside of the fine filter, creating a pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the fine filter.

General * entrance planning makes the bag filter bag replacement faster and saves a lot of labor costs; the evenly distributed streamline in the filter container makes the impurities trapped on the surface of the filter bag filter medium uniformly dispersed; in addition, the * magnetic preface after installation can be strengthened The adsorption of metal impurities increases the service life of the filter bag.


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