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Buying a bag must read: the basic knowledge of riding a backpack (picture)

   2021-12-11 websiteweb1620
Water bag: Now there is a water bag suitable for cycling and hiking. It is placed inside the backpack and extends from the mouth through a tube to ensure that users can easily drink water anytime and anywhere. Many cycling bags or more The purpose bag has

Long-distance riding requires a suitable backpack

evoc cycling backpack_cycling backpack_cycling water bag backpack

Generally speaking, a good cycling backpack needs to have a comfortable carrying structure, good perspiration and breathability, strong fabric, reliable zipper and fastener structure, waterproof, various accessories, fluorescent reflection and other functions are also optional of. Guideline.

Carrying system: A backpack is a kind of equipment that is carried on the back and bears a certain weight. A reasonable carrying system can effectively decompose the pressure of body weight on the body, reduce body fatigue, and protect the body from harm. The strap system generally consists of a shoulder strap, a waist belt and a chest strap.

Cycling backpack_cycling water bag backpack_evoc cycling backpack

The parts of the shoulder belt and waist belt that are in contact with the body must be soft, breathable, and load-bearing. The tightness of the shoulder strap and waist belt can be adjusted freely. Ordinary backpacks also have stress loops or straps on the two shoulder straps. You can pull the backpack with your hands to reduce the pressure on the shoulders or back of the backpack.

Because many cycling backpacks can be used for multiple purposes, the structure is similar, but we strongly recommend: When riding, do not leave the handle with your hands and hook the load ring (belt), because this is very dangerous. At present, many backpacks have a shoulder strap structure that can be adjusted at will to suit backpackers of different heights. The role of the chest strap is to connect the two shoulder straps on the chest to ensure a stable back and even force.

Cycling backpack_cycling water bag backpack_evoc cycling backpack

Perspiration system: We all know that people sweat a lot during exercise, especially when the temperature is relatively high. Many people may experience the uncomfortable experience of sweating and clinging to their backs. A well-designed backpack can generally solve this problem better.

There are two main types of perspiration wicking structures currently in use, one is a ventilation structure, and the other is a ventilation structure. The breathable structure is mainly in contact with the back through the mesh grid, and there is also a large gap between the grid and the backpack, so that the sweat on the back is easily discharged with the air during exercise. One structure becomes a breathable structure. The contact part between the backpack and the back has a special foam material. This material has good perspiration and breathability. Basically, it can ensure the dryness of the back.

Cycling water bag backpack_cycling backpack_evoc cycling backpack

Fluorescent structure: Anyone with driving experience knows that when the light is dark and the car is driving, it is difficult to find the person and car in front of it if there is no reflective point. Therefore, many cycling backpacks use fluorescent materials in certain parts, which can ensure that the rider in front is easily spotted by the driver behind.

Water bag: Now there are water bags suitable for cycling and hiking. It is placed inside the backpack and extends from the mouth through a tube to ensure that users can easily drink water anytime, anywhere. Many cycling bags or more purpose bags have a structure for installing a water bag, and there are eye-catching signs on the backpack. Different brands of backpacks have different logos, some are blue large water drop riding backpacks , and some are dripping faucets.

Cycling water bag backpack_evoc cycling backpack_cycling backpack

Waterproof structure: people have joys and sorrows, and there are unexpected events in the sky. Even if you are a very careful person, you will read the weather forecast every time you go out, but the weather forecast sometimes has false alarms. If it rains heavily, your backpack is not waterproof, and there are many precision equipment such as cameras in your bag, which is really a very miserable thing. So waterproof is also an indicator of choosing a cycling bag.

Many backpack fabrics are now made of PU waterproof treatment, but the weak link is the stitching and zippers. Therefore, some backpacks also provide a rain cover, and those that are not provided can be purchased separately.

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