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Don't buy anymore! Cartoon-shaped hand warmers are unqualified!

   2021-12-10 websiteweb1610
In order to let everyone live a warm winter with peace of mind, this time we selected 10 samples of hand warmers, including three types of electric hot water bottles, electric heating cakes and rechargeable hand warmers, for evaluation. Can you continue t

Electric hot water bottle, Rechargeable Hand Po , etc. Hand Po is a lot of people's favorite winter cold. Riding in the car, shopping, sleeping, lying on the sofa and watching a drama, holding it in your hand, it's like holding the warm sun.

But sometimes they are also "horrible time bombs."

In order to let everyone live a warm winter with peace of mind, this time we selected 10 samples of hand warmers for evaluation, including three types of electric hot water bottles, electric heating cakes and rechargeable hand warmers .

Can the hand warmers continue to be used, how to buy them, and how to use them? This review will tell you one by one!

Affirm: There is no commercial advertisement placement in this quality life circle evaluation, the test results are only responsible for the samples, and the user experience results are for reference only.

Hand Warmer

Electrode hot water bottle was listed as a banned product by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine as early as 2010, because after power on, the electric heating element in the hot water bottle heats the internal liquid to accumulate heat, and the two electrodes directly contact the liquid, which is caused by the resistance of the internal salt water. When heated, there is a great risk of explosion and leakage.

After checking the structure of all samples, we found that this hot water bottle sample from North America, known as an electric heating tube hot water bottle, actually uses electrode heating, which does not meet the current national requirements for such products!

As of press time, the e-commerce store where we purchased the sample has already removed the product.

When buying a hot water bottle, you can touch the heating element. If the heating element is a small round tube, it is an electrode type hot water bottle, just like the North American house that has been taken apart. Don't buy it anymore!

If you touch the wire mesh or U-shaped heating tube, like the inside of other electric thermos in this review, it will be relatively safe.

North American Jia internal map VS other brands internal map

The Concubine's Hands Covering the Heaven and the Lord Asking for a Warm Couch

These hand warmers are super cute, right? Every delicate pig girl wants to have it, right?

I am sorry to tell you that the three models of Yixiu Technology, CAPRICE/Caprice and mekava do not meet the requirements of national standards!

Hand warmers are made into cartoon-like toys, which are very convenient for children to play with.

For example, chewing on the shell, poking the charging port with your fingers, removing small parts and putting them in your mouth and nose, etc., will all have certain risks of chemical hazards, electric shock, and swallowing foreign bodies. Therefore, the relevant national electrical safety standards stipulate that such products cannot be used as imaging toys. The shape of the child can easily arouse the curiosity of the child.

The hand warmer will have a higher temperature after heating, so please use it with caution if you have children at home!

Through different testing methods, we evaluated the mechanical strength of the electric hot water bottle and the other two hard-shell hand warmers to see if they have construction resistance in the drop test or the 80kg squeeze test.

Concubine's hand covering the sky

According to the requirements of the standard, the hard-shell hand warmer shall not show damage to the shell, broken electric heating element, broken structural seam, broken glue or solder joint, loose appliance input socket, loose or broken electrical connection during the drop test;

The electric hot water bottle should not leak or break within a 5-minute 80 kg squeeze test.

Test results: all qualified

The safety performance inspection carried out this time also includes the prevention of contact with live parts, input power and current, leakage current and electrical strength at operating temperature, stability and mechanical hazards, power connections and external wires, and terminals for external wires. , Creepage distance, electrical clearance and solid insulation, etc. 12 items.

As a result, it was found that there were two unqualified items in the electrode-type hot water bottle that was banned from production in North America:

Warm dad and mother warm treasure

① There is no non-self-resetting thermal circuit breaker installed in the appliance, which will easily lead to excessive heating temperature;

② The sample structure is Z-shaped connection, and the standard does not allow Z-shaped connection.

In these safety test items, several other models meet the standard requirements.

The temperature of the hand warmer must of course be enough to keep people warm, but not as hot as possible. Otherwise, why isn't it hot?

We measured the maximum temperature of the heated surface of all samples (the detachable original cloth cover has been removed).

From the results Nuanshou , rainbow electric cake cover cloth to remove the maximum temperature reached 93 ° C, not in direct contact with hands; You Bana hot water bottle and the maximum temperature of the Antarctic cloth cover is not close to 70 ° C.

If you remove the cloth cover of the hand warmer and use it directly, it is very likely to be burned. Be sure to cover the cloth cover before use!

Take off the cloth cover of the Rainbow Rainbow Hand Warmer, no!

We calculated the 10 samples were heated to the respective Warmer maximum temperature time Nuanshou found that the heating time of the solid electric cake electric thermos relatively short and, in about 10 minutes.

Rainbow's hand warmer even only needs 5 minutes; the battery-type hand warmer has a relatively long heating time, which is not suitable for people who require a higher heating rate.

Through the experience of their heat preservation performance, we also found that the heat preservation time of electric hot water bottles and battery-type hand warmers is relatively long, about 3 hours on average.

Rainbow's solid electric baking pan has a shorter average holding time, less than 2.5 hours.

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